Easy to Use, Easy to Love

Who wants to use complicated learning management software that isn’t user-friendly? Nobody. That’s exactly why we made Bridge so easy to use. It’s simple, clean, and modern—plus it’s intuitive for admins, authors, and learners to use. You’ll get the hang of it in no time. And you’ll fall in love with it just as fast.

Simple Content Creation

Create content quickly and easily, including multimedia embedding and much more. Make a copy of a previously created course to get started quickly, or simply reuse or convert existing content so you don’t duplicate efforts.

Manual/Auto CSV Import

Enjoy easy, smart CSV uploads for both learners and groups. Discover seamless automations for CSV uploads (daily, hourly, etc.).

Custom Branding

Brand Bridge with your logo, your color scheme, and more. Bridge is empowering, right down to giving you license to be you.

Smart Groups/Sub Accounts

Enjoy easy, smart CSV uploads. Set sub accounts to measure and administer to multiple organizations within your company. Integrate directly with your CRM, HRIS or other system.

Course Index

Manage the courses you create in a central index. Find all published and unpublished content to edit, copy, or modify. We thought about calling it Index of Invincibility, but the lawyers weren’t fans.

Course Progess Indicators

Easy-to-follow course status and progress indicators make it clear where users are and how much they have to complete in their learning sessions.

All Features

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