Career Everest

Put your visionary cap on for a moment- what would the pinnacle of your career look like? What dreams and aspirations do you have, and what do you want to achieve? With Bridge, we'll help you articulate that vision with Career Everest- a better way for employees and managers to have that crucial conversation about employees' hopes, dreams, and lofty long-term goals.


Take a quick assessment to figure out what the top 5 factors are that drive and motivate you in your career.

Daily Activities

Identify the type of work you want to be doing at the peak of your career by answering the following:- what activities bring you the most energy at work?

Desired Skills

Choose the skills that are most important for you to develop as you grow towards the peak of your career.

Future Roles

Select roles that may provide meaningful growth opportunities to you as you progress towards the peak of your career.

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