Career Development Plans

Did you know that three in four people reported feeling like they’re on their own to determine their career development? With Bridge, we'll eliminate that sense of disconnection by empowering your employees to build out their own career vision, in addition to the skills, goals, and tasks they need to work on now- in order to get where they want to go. Because exploring one's career vision is important, but articulating it and working towards it each day is what makes all the difference.

Pinpoint Desired Skills

Select the top 3 skills you want to improve upon now, in order to start making progress towards your long term career vision.

Set Goals

Build out specific goals, with associated due dates, for each of the 3 skills you selected.

Create Tasks

Create tasks you can start working on now in order to build the skills you'll need for long term career success

Enroll in Learning

Enroll yourself in courses that build the desired skills you identified in your career development plan

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