Admin Features

Our admin tool is intuitive and easy to use. It will help reinforce good management behavior by setting default frequency for 1:1 meetings and it helps you to easily add, remove, and suspend users. The tool will also allow you to quickly remove and suspend users, edit skills associated with positions, and more. Did we mention it can be customized to your needs? Well, it can.

Admin Control

You can make administrative changes as necessary, keeping the organization humming along smoothly. Here is just some of the control you have with Bridge as an admin:

  • Manage users and groups
  • Update roles and permissions
  • Update branding
  • Manage tagging
  • Set default 1:1 cadence
  • Add, remove, or suspend users
  • Edit skills associated with positions

Sometimes people need gentle reminders. With Bridge you can encourage engagement with automatic notifications, while maintaining control and frequency by customizing the experience.


Bridge plays nice with others. We integrate with a variety of platforms so that you can make all organizations tools work together. Of course, Bridge has a robust API, so you can create the right connections between your applications. 


As an admin, having real insight into what’s going on within your team is critical to making decisions and driving results. With Bridge, you have easy access to reporting as it relates to performance, learning, and more.

All Features

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