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Stop Spinning Wheels & Start Closing Deals


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Reps take too long to get onboarded and up to speed.

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Top reps are a flight risk.

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Sales managers were great reps, but never learned how to be great managers.

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Skill gaps cause deals to stall.

Reps LIKE Growing

Your reps are listening, tweaking, and adjusting all the time. The question is: How do you scale this growth across your sales team?

Sales enablement means different things to different sales organizations, depending on their products, goals and where they are on the maturity spectrum.

Maybe you're just starting to build out your first onboarding program. Maybe you're more focused on tailored skills development during 1:1 manager coaching sessions. Bridge helps sales teams in every stage to retain top reps and increase rep development, which leads to (you guessed it) better rep productivity.

Faster, More Effective Onboarding

It’s hard to gain momentum as a rep if your first few weeks (or months) are full of uncertainty. Bridge helps your reps hit the ground running—on the same path that helped your highest-performing reps succeed.

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Better Manager-Rep Relationships

What if John Wooden or Pat Summitt only gave their players feedback a few times a year? They wouldn’t be two of the world’s winningest coaches, that’s for sure. Bridge helps managers offer reps consistent coaching and development to keep them engaged, growing and performing.

UI Snapshot of Bridge Sales Enablement Shared 1:1 Agenda for Employee Coaching

Rep-Rep Coaching

“How the #*%$! is Rep A closing all those deals?!” —Rep B.

Sales reps love the idea of learning from each other and honing in on the best strategies, but it’s easier said than done... unless you have Bridge, where reps can continuously practice skills and receive manager and peer feedback in a video coaching environment.

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Leading and Lagging Indicators

It’s never fun sitting down with a rep who’s missed quota—especially if your PIP basically amounts to: “Uhhh, try to close more deals next quarter.” With Bridge, you can see where a rep’s skill gaps affect the sales funnel and then create a training plan to target those skills.

UI Snapshot of Skills Assessment Tool to measure Skill Gap in Bridge
Bridge Perform

Coaching Agendas for Sales Managers

Perform provides a structure for continuous 1:1s that focus on skill coaching, not just deal progression.

Skill Assessments

Sales Skills Assessments

Assess rep skill gaps and connect highest performing reps with others to share best practices peer to peer.

Employee Timelines

Rep Drivers Beyond Salary

Rep your reps’ success. The Employee Timeline aligns rep goals to company and team goals and captures progress.

Bridge Practice

Practice Makes Perfect

This video-based coaching tool encourages frequent practice of soft-skills and messaging.

Bridge Learn

Start Reps Off Right

Onboard new reps with content that your highest-performing reps use to succeed.


Ongoing Certifications

This knowledge-retention tool help reps hang on to more of what they learn.

Bridge Salesforce Integration

Not Another Login!

Connect Bridge and Salesforce to link knowledge and sales performance (and track the resulting achievements).

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