Bridge for Employee Development

Don’t Mandate Employee Development. Inspire It.

Common Challenges for Employee Development:

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Employee turnover is high.

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The workforce isn’t engaged.

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Paths to success are unclear.

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Mentoring and coaching aren’t happening.

Bridge gives employees an active role in developing their skills and careers (because corporate pawns ≠ engaged employees). With Bridge, employees can connect with managers, mentors and peers, see opportunities for growth, practice skills and generally just crush in their current and future roles.

Develop and Fulfill Your People

Efficiently develop your people in a way that aligns to their core drivers and supports their long-term career vision and objectives.

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Build Effective Managers

Build effective managers who align employee needs with business objectives through conversations and feedback.

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Surface Actionable Insights

Surface data that uncovers insights and drives action to impact employee engagement, performance conversations and skill growth.

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Drive Business Impact

Demonstrate ability to support key business outcomes by impacting employee retention, business performance and employee fulfillment.

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Bridge Learn

Productive Onboarding + Ongoing Feedback

Help employees get up to speed quickly by providing role-based learning immediately to new-hires and individuals changing roles. But don't stop there—provide regular opportunities for peer, manager and mentor feedback around critical skills.

Bridge Practice

Growth and Coaching Conversations

Ensure employees have more regular structured conversations around performance and growth. To make this happen, you need to help your managers know what to talk about. Manager coaching includes conversations that focus on the progress of critical work as well as discussions around employee learning and career growth.

Bridge Perform

What Drives Your Employees?

When employees and managers have open conversations around employee career drivers, employees become more engaged and managers can provide better coaching and leadership. Taking this a step further, managers and employees can work together to develop long-term career visions and plans to connect their roles to those visions.

Employee Timeline

What Skills Are In Your Business?

Help leaders identify skill strengths and gaps within your organisation to bring focus to your development strategy.

1:1 Shared Agenda

Is Your Business Full of Buellers?

Access sentiment data across your business and take action to refine your company culture within key engagement factors.

Insights & Dashboards

Correlate to Activate

If you understand correlations between what drives employees and the key factors of engagement at your company, then you can inspire employees to stay at your company by fulfilling key needs and encouraging their growth and success.

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