Bridge for Sales Teams

Help Your Sales Reps Develop, Grow and Perform

Top-performing sales reps aren’t just adept at sending group emails with the CRM. They’re constantly learning about their industry, practicing their presentations and communicating with their managers and teams. Bridge helps your reps improve by providing a centralised training and development zone where they can go for sales skill and product knowledge, focused coaching sessions with managers and opportunities for applied practice.

Sales Issues Before Bridge

Sales With Bridge

Reps aren’t getting onboarded and ramped quickly enough. The average ramp time is 6–10 months.

Sales teams can scale faster, more effective onboarding and certification to decrease ramp time.

Sales managers don’t coach reps individually, and top reps are a flight risk.

Reps are well-trained and given personalised coaching, resulting in better engagement, retention and revenue.

Skill gaps are causing deals to stall.

Analytics offer clarity into skill gaps, giving managers the opportunity to step in and provide sales training and development where and when reps need it.

Faster Onboarding and Certification

Reps have different levels of experience, industry knowledge and sales skills—they’re not starting at the same place or learning at the same pace. With Bridge, you can create custom learning paths to fit your different teams, drawing on the content that’s helped your highest performing reps succeed.

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Help Managers Coach Better

Sales managers who were great individual reps don't always have the skill set of a great manager, which makes it hard for them to replicate their success on their team. Bridge gives sales managers the tools to tailor skill development and coaching to individual sales reps (because coaching only has results if it’s designed for your game).

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How Are My Peers Pitching?

Sales team members often want to learn from their peers—you know, the people who regularly encounter the same challenges they do. Bridge connects reps in focused, productive ways, helping them communicate about best practices and saving managers from being the bottleneck in the flow of knowledge and ideas.

UI Snapshot of Bridge Workplace Analytics on Team Skills Gaps

Practice What's Been Preached

Don’t send your reps into the lion’s den unprepared. With Bridge, reps can fine-tune soft skills and pitch messaging through frequent practice, informed by crowdsourced suggestions from peers. This helps take the stress off managers, provides more democratic feedback and surfaces the best ideas from across the sales team.

UI Snapshot of Bridge Practice dashboard example of sales practicing sales pitch

Enable Reps (and Managers) to Succeed

Better-trained reps have a shorter ramp time and hit their numbers more often. Bridge helps managers efficiently provide tailored coaching and mentoring, turning newbs into hot shots in less time.

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Leading and Lagging Indicators

Most sales leaders focus on lagging indicators ("Who didn’t hit quota?"). But what if you could use training data to identify and address a widespread skill gap—say, moving things from shortlist to negotiation? Give the people what they need! With Bridge, you can look at leading indicators and use them to create sales enablement strategies that target specific skills.

UI Snapshot of Bridge Workplace Analytics bubble chart of skills assessments

What Really Matters to Your Reps?

Sure, sales reps are motivated by money. But you (and your sales managers) might be surprised to find out what else motivates your sales team and whether or not they're being fulfilled by your business. The difference could mean them staying or going.

what really matters screenshot
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Manager-Rep Coaching Agendas

Provide a framework for managers to coach reps individually, not just on deal progression but on what skills they need to hit quota.

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Sales Skills Assessments

Identify reps’ skill gaps (and strengths) through pulse skill assessments. Learn more.

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What's Beyond Salary?

Find out what drives your reps, beyond salary. Because you can't raise their pay all the time, and you might be surprised to find out that you don't actually have to. Learn more.

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Practice Makes Perfect

Encourage frequent peer-based practice of soft skills and pitch messaging using video and call coaching. Learn more.

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Start Reps Off Right

Onboard new reps with content that helped your highest-performing reps succeed. Learn more.

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