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Waiting for your manager to retire, leave the company or go missing while on safari isn’t a healthy career goal. Bridge helps managers and employees think beyond titles and job descriptions and have substantive conversations about skills, goals, passions and performance—the most important ingredients in career development plans.

Manager-Employee Issues

Managers & Employees With Bridge

Employees aren’t sure where development resources are located or how to access them.

Employees have easy access to a one-stop shop for career development tools.

Employees have career destinations in mind, but no idea how to reach them. Managers want employees to grow, but lack the skills to help them.

Mentoring and coaching tools help managers respond quickly and effectively. Employees are encouraged to have honest conversations about career planning with their managers.

Employees want to stay with the company, but need to feel like they’re there for a reason.

Employees gain a sense of purpose by connecting their individual goals to a defined career trajectory, and to team and company goals.

Continuous Development

In order to outperform the competition in today’s fast-paced business climate, employees need to engage in continuous learning. The organisations that are constantly ahead of the pack are those that value personal and professional growth as highly as they value profit.

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Coaching and Mentoring

Being a manager is difficult... but so is being the employee of a not-so-great manager. Bridge helps managers improve so their employees value them, instead of avoid them. With Bridge, managers can leverage career and growth conversations to keep employees engaged. Further, managers can leverage skill data to help guide employees with tailored career and skill growth plans.

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1:1 Manager-Employee Relationships

Ever feel like the annual performance review is an extremely inadequate way to assess a year of work? Build relationships that encourage regular conversations about things that matter, like long-term career trajectory and areas for skill development. Then work together to chart career development plans.

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Create teams that have a built-in sense of belonging and foster a strong understanding of individual and team goals. This helps employees work without friction and understand how they collectively contribute to the success of the organization. Way more effective than trust falls.

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Career Planning

Create career development programs that keep employees’ skills relevant. Managers can increase employee satisfaction and retain top talent by integrating development opportunities into everyday activities. (That’s what we call a two-fer.)

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So, what are your career drivers? Your company doesn't need to have Bridge for you to find out—check out our driver activity now.

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Pre-Built Questions & Agenda Templates

These conversation-starters can help get the ball rolling on continuous, meaningful, organic interaction between managers and employees.

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Targeted Learning Pathways

Create learning opportunities that focus on developing high-priority skills that will help employees progress on their career paths.

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Employee Timeline

Employees can chart their goals and learning, document their successes and ultimately own their development. Learn more.

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Peer Practice

Encourage frequent practice of soft-skills and messaging using video-based coaching activities. Learn more.

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Go Beyond Training

Whether it's providing a warm onboarding experience, or keeping tenured employees learning and growing, Bridge helps employees and managers to focus on skill growth and optional learning. Learn more.

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Keep What You've Learned

Bridge systematically helps employees retain more information with follow-up quizzes that boost knowledge retention. Learn more.

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