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Putting the Employee Back in Employee Experience

You probably didn't choose a career in HR so you could conduct sad employee exit interviews and constantly fret over an evolving (or broken) company culture.

More likely, you're the kind of talent leader who wants the term "employee experience" in your title because that's what you're passionate about: the people you employ.

Engaging, developing and retaining talent is tough. And creating an awesome employee experience, helping managers improve and making your role and impact clear to senior leadership are hard things to accomplish.

Bridge makes it easier to meet these challenges and focus on what matters: engaging, guiding and inspiring the people at your company.

HR Issues Before Bridge

HR with Bridge

Good employees are leaving your company.

Give your employees a clear way to grow (and a clear reason to stay) within your business through a seamless employee development platform.

Employee engagement is low (averaging 30%).

Give managers the tools to coach well, including tools for conversations that focus on the progress of critical work as well as discussions around employee learning and career growth. (The latter are the conversations employees really want to have.)

Data (if it exists) doesn’t present a clear picture of opportunities and successes.

Leverage insights that improve the people, processes, content and tools that support your development efforts.

Great customer service and a forward thinking product team. Pretty much love everyone at Bridge.

Top-Talent Retention

Your employees do more for your business than answer calls and write emails. They create your culture and support your company’s mission—unless, of course, they leave. Losing top talent is both culturally and financially painful. We built Bridge to help you engage and retain your top talent (i.e. the heart and soul of your company).

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Employee Engagement

Employee engagement isn’t a mystery—employees constantly tell us what engages them: feeling aligned with the company mission, developing their skills and growing in their careers and connecting with managers and peers. Bridge helps you give your employees what they want, resulting in more loyalty, more productivity and, let’s be honest, employees who are more fun to work with.

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Better Onboarding & Ongoing Skill Training

Your first encounter with a new employee sets the tone for the rest of their experience with your company. From the get-go, employees should understand what’s expected of them, know how they can improve and grow along with the business and have opportunities for connection with managers and peers. Bridge helps you provide these experiences from the first day on the job to the last. Because the completion of onboarding is just the beginning of a new kind of development.

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HRIS and HCMS Enhancement

Do you enjoy working in your HRIS? Neither do your employees. Don’t try to shoehorn continuous development into HR software your employees only use once or twice a year—Bridge provides continuous employee development and an experience employees love. (Your HRIS will still be there for your back-office tasks.)

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Executive and Leadership Development

Leaders and executives need love, too. And by love, we mean development. Executives are some of the company’s most high-profile employees and their decisions and behaviour affect the entire business. Bridge helps you collaborate with leadership and tailor development to their needs, creating an impact that ripples out to the whole organisation.

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Manager Training & Development

Top team contributors are often promoted to management—but just because they excelled in their prior roles doesn’t mean they know anything about managing employees. One untrained (or poorly trained) manager can lead to an employee mass exodus. Bridge helps you develop and coach your managers (both new and tenured) to make a positive impact and pay employee development forward to their teams.

UI snapshot of manager and employees shared 1:1 agenda in Bridge

Performance Enablement, Not Performance Management

There's a shift happening, have you felt it? The annual or semi-annual performance review isn't going away, but it's a big stretch to say that these reviews provide on ongoing employee development. To be engaged and constantly improving, employees need continuous feedback and opportunities to grow their skills. And managers need continuous insight into skill gaps and progress. Bridge shifts the focus from annual report cards to year-round learning, growth, and development.

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Here are some nagging questions that might be keeping you up at night: Where are your talent gaps? Who do you need to hire/develop/promote to hit your one- and five-year strategic plans? How engaged are our employees? Which managers are struggling? Who’s a flight risk? With Bridge you can confidently answer these questions with visual dashboarding and detailed data. Sweet dreams are made of these analytics.

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Career Drivers and Planning

Provide managers with tools that support open conversations and help employees drive their careers.

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Coaching Tools

Provide manager coaching tools that stimulate conversations about the progress of critical work and discussions around employee learning and career growth.

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Business Outcomes

Engage employees by aligning their career aspirations with your company strategy in a way that leads to improved performance.

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