Go Beyond Training... to Learning.

Bridge Learn is a next-generation learning solution used to design and deliver scalable, effective, engaging, and purpose-driven learning programs.


Productive Onboarding

Help employees get up to speed quickly by immediately providing role-based learning to new hires and individuals changing roles.

Better Corporate Learning Onboarding

Learning Experiences People Love

There’s a vast chasm between “opportunity” and “obligation.” With Bridge, learning experiences inspire employees to participate (and have real career pay-offs).

Corporate Learning Experiences People Love

Peer Learning Opportunities

Encourage peer-to-peer learning that's social, accessible, and democratic, because some of the most valuable knowledge (and flu-shot inspiration) comes from co-workers.

Peer Corporate Learning Opportunities

What Are Leaders Learning?

Leverage analytics to understand the learning paths of your company's leaders (not just your C suite).

Data-Driven Insight
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Instead of hearing ‘we can’t get to the training,’ we now get more feedback about the actual content. It’s allowed us to realign everything we’re doing to drive better performance, which no doubt contributes to a better customer experience.

Heidi Bynum, Manager of Sales Training,
- Bluegrass Cellular

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Customizable Learning Paths

It’s easier to get where you’re going with a good map. Customizable learning paths give employees guidance and foresight as they progress in their careers.
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Intuitive Course-Authoring Tools Desktop Icon

Intuitive Course-Authoring Tools

With Learn’s intuitive authoring tools, instructional designers and subject-matter experts can curate, design, publish, and share multimedia courses.
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Knowledge-Retention Tools - Human with Head Gear

Knowledge-Retention Tools

Memory is a fickle thing. Use it or lose it. (And other adages.) Knowledge-retention tools including intermittent quizzes help employees keep the knowledge they gain.
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Interactive Video Learning on Laptop

Interactive Video Learning

Bridge turns passive video-viewing into active discussion with timestamp-specific commenting. Analytics provide useful insight into engagement.
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On-Demand Content on Desktop Icon

On-Demand Content

Sometimes plug-and-play is the best way. Pull from a broad library of on-demand skill-development content to meet your team’s or organization’s specific needs.
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