Advance Workforce Teams Up With Bridge by Instructure to Deliver Powerful Cultural Change Programmes

Following a competitive procurement process, Advance Workforce has implemented Bridge Perform and Learn to provide consistent and sustained corporate learning and performance management

Sydney — 04, July 2018 — Bridge by Instructure, Inc. (NYSE:INST), a talent management software suite for businesses, announced today that Advance Workforce has chosen Bridge Perform and Learn to deliver cultural change programmes to organisations across Australia.

Following a competitive procurement process, Advance Workforce has implemented Bridge Perform and Learn to provide consistent and sustained corporate learning and performance management. The solution will automate the delivery of learning resources—and importantly, attach learning to performance management, helping organisations invest in and develop their employees.

Founder and CEO of Advance Workforce Nic Stephen said, “The Bridge suite is integral to us being able to provide a consistent teaching and learning experience. Materials are now much more accessible—companies can access course information wherever and whenever they want—and we can deliver an intuitive and compelling user experience. Bridge is crucial in helping us deliver a true end-to-end solution for our clients.”

To help companies affect lasting cultural change, Advance Workforce provides blended approaches and methodologies to fit clients’ needs. “We might start with podcasts and written material,” continues Nic, “build up to face-to-face learning, and then supplement that with real-world case-study-type materials. What and when depends on an ongoing health-check approach, where we ascertain what’s unhealthy in an organisation and what it’s going to take to fix it.” 
The powerful analytics engine in Bridge is an integral part of this approach, providing access to real-time and actionable insights which help its customers power real and measurable change.

Bridge Perform has also helped Advance Workforce revolutionise performance management for its clients, helping them employ a much more dynamic approach to performance reviews—where ongoing assessment is crucial.

Troy Martin, VP APAC, Instructure, says “It’s become ingrained in business vernacular that an organisation's greatest strength is its people. Advance Workforce knows this mantra is in danger of becoming just another corporate platitude, and that the key to success is in sustained cultural development. Our Bridge learning and talent management platform redefines how employees are trained and engage with managers, mentors and teams in a sustained and ongoing way, ultimately creating stronger relationships and more successful organisations.”


Bridge by Instructure is an innovative, outcome-focused talent management platform that empowers businesses to develop their workforce, ensure a better employee experience, and increase employee retention through performance and learning management software. That way, businesses take care of their most valuable asset: their people. Learn more at


Advance Workforce has been created through 20 years of contribution and commitment to the area of learning and development. In recent years we have broadened our approach to look more holistically at the overall health of the culture in which leaders operate, and realised you can’t have one without the other.
Advance exists to build the relationship between leadership & culture.
Our vision is to grow purposeful and resilient leaders that can take our models and spread transformational health throughout the organisation.
We believe the best leaders are those who others genuinely want to follow. We want to encourage leadership attitude, behaviour and learning in ways that cut through the noise of the super-busy workplaces we’ve become accustomed to. 
We want to see leaders grow in their self belief and confidence and have this reflected in the teams they lead. We help them set the right goals, identify the right technique and learn the right approach to bring those goals to life.

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