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Instructure is thrilled to bring you BridgeCon Europe, the employee development conference. (Or, if you want to get really serious THE Employee Development Conference!) You won’t want to miss out on all the employee-developing, employee-engaging, skill-building, tool-giving, career-driving, progress-charting, training-tracking, performance-inspiring, goal-reaching, inspiring-keynote-and-insightful-panel-discussion-having, career-pathing, People-Matter-Most-ing, and otherwise good-time-having we have in store. 


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Every company has problems. BridgeCon can help you solve them.

Every company has problems. BridgeCon can help you solve them (Well, most of them, but the guy who microwaves fish for lunch might be beyond even our reach). Whether it’s employee development, employee engagement, skills gaps, career paths, career drivers, learning, growth, or any number of other things that can help make your company a place where people love to work and grow (and stay), there’s business-changing, people-building solutions for you at BridgeCon.


The Bridgecon Solution

Don’t Know How to Invest in Career Growth

Your people want you to invest in their career growth but you’re not sure where to start.

Learn How to Impact Meaningful Growth

Our sessions will help you go beyond basic development plan templates and find impactful ways to give your people meaningful personal and professional growth.

Employees Aren’t Engaged

Your people aren’t fully engaged and it’s leading to poor performance and retention issues.

Get Expert Advice on Better Engagement

BridgeCon Europe will connect you with people experiencing similar challenges. Together with our gathered experts, you’ll learn how to start engaging (or better engaging) your people.

Performance Reviews are Painful (and Ineffective)

Your performance review process mostly leads to anxiety and frustration (and not much performance).

Discover Effective Performance Enablement

What if instead of the traditional yearly review anxiety-and-frustration-fest, you engaged in continual conversations and feedback? At BridgeCon Europe, you’ll learn how doing just that that can lead to more effective performance enablement.

Your Managers Lack Leadership Skills

Your first-time managers are struggling to develop the leadership skills they need. Your long-time managers sometimes act like first-time managers.

Connect with Peers and Experts on Best Leadership Coaching Strategies

BridgeCon Europe sessions will cover leadership development and coaching strategies, and you’ll also meet plenty of smart people in the same management-challenged boat.

Company Needs & Employee Skills Aren’t Aligned

You have a long-term company strategy but it seems like you always need to hire new people to find the skills that you need.

Get Help Finding & Developing the Right Employee Skills

Our content will help you, first, to map out the skills gap and, second, to fill the gap with the people and skills that your company needs.


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