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Bridge is a comprehensive employee development solution for progressive companies who want to deeply invest in their most important asset: their people. Bridge helps companies increase their impact by providing their people with opportunities for connection, alignment, and growth.

Bringing different mindsets together to create innovation

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Bridge Puts Employees First. Just Like You.

In fact, Bridge is the only employee-centric talent development solution.

  • Pulse engagement surveys
  • Conversation agendas: 1:1 and performance review
  • Career-vision tools and development plans
  • Formal learning: online, in-person
  • Human learning: mentoring, on the job
  • Peer-to-peer video roleplay
  • Directory, profiles, and organizational chart
  • Strategic goal-setting
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Develop your people

Develop your people in a way that supports company growth by aligning employee aspirations with your talent strategy.

Build effective managers

Build effective managers who align employee needs with business objectives through conversations and feedback.

Surface actionable insights

Surface data, reporting, and actionable insights about employee engagement, performance conversations, and skill mastery.

Make executives happy

Make executives happy by showing results in employee engagement, turnover, skill development, and company performance.

Engage, grow, and retain your people

Career development, skill growth, effective managers. These are the things that drive engagement, retention, and employee impact.


Dig Deeper: Trends & Research That Are Shaping the World of Work

We have lots of useful info and data-driven guidance to share when it comes to employee development. Here are a few highlights from our wealth of workplace wisdom:

Graph displaying how much annual reports cost you

Annual Reviews Can Cost You Your Best Employees

If you’re still relying on annual reviews to assess performance and gauge employee satisfaction, you might want to take a look at these stats (before it’s too late).

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Increase productivity via Bridge's employee development software

3 Ways to Increase Productivity & Engagement

No, these tips aren’t tedious time-sucks, and yes, you can accomplish them all with a single, easy-to-use tool.

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Bridge's strong culture creates strong leaders

Strong Culture, Strong Leaders

A strong company culture that values learning translates directly to greater employee loyalty and growth potential. So what does a culture of learning look like, and how do you build one?

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