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We raised $40 million. Here's why.

So we’ve raised another round of funding to help us continue to grow up big and strong. We raised $40 million in a Series-E round lead by Insight Venture Partners. This funding will allow us to comfortably double down in K12, HE, and International segments of the market, as well as expand into corporate learning with Bridge.

So why Bridge? Learning doesn’t end at graduation and we want to build great software that helps people become smarter while they are in school, but also in the workforce.

And what about Canvas? We are hiring 40% more Canvas developers than we had last year - which means more bug fixes and more features. Last year we fixed over 3,000 bugs and released over 200 features, and with 40% more resources for Canvas in 2015 we’ll do even better this year.

So that’s the news - more cash to make better software for lifelong learning - whether it’s in the classroom, the campus, the factory floor, or the boardroom.

Keep learning,