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Voices of Instructure: Belonging at Instructure

Celebrating Pride at Instructure 

Panda in pride shirt

As we commemorate Pride month, I’ve been reflecting on what it means to be able to bring your whole self to work. Throughout my career in HR, I’ve seen workplace dynamics change for the better. As the executive sponsor of our Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DIB) Council, it’s important to me to create an environment where people are able to bring every aspect of themselves to work. We all benefit when this happens.

Organizations that do this successfully have cultivated a culture of inclusion in order to create an environment where people feel they belong, and where they are heard and supported in a way that allows them to thrive. There are many ways to accomplish this, including a few that have worked for us. 

    1. Ask the Experts: Our communities are full of talented people who make up organizations that promote inclusion. We benefit by partnering with organizations that provide expert insight into various aspects of diversity. For example, Instructure works with Equality Utah as a Business Equality Leader, which involves different training, including a multi-part workshop about the language of inclusion. To mark Pride month, we were able to share this training on a global level and record it so everyone could view it. We are also partnering with InclusionPro to build training to help us become more aware of unconscious bias and how we can proactively find ways to be more inclusive in all of our interactions—and frankly, be better prepared and willing to call out actions that are not supportive of our culture.

    2. Identify and Participate in Community Opportunities: For Pride month, our DIB Council members in offices around the world identified Pride activities and parades and participated, with members writing about their experiences while representing Instructure in their communities. Our DIB Council Inclusion workgroup seeks out opportunities in our global communities where we can volunteer, interact, and support diversity outside of our offices. 

    3. Representation Matters: In our offices, the visual cues we share combined with what we do, sends a powerful message to our teams that we support and value everyone. During Pride month, our Instructure office Pandas around the world serve as a daily reminder of support as they sport their Pride gear. While a small gesture, ensuring that employees worldwide—from Sydney to São Paulo—see the company recognizing Pride is important. Representation matters and we should all be willing to step up and support each other. 


Panda in Pride shirt


While I could go on, these few areas are great places to start. We continue to work with our teams, gathering their feedback along the way so we can improve and make Instructure an awesome place to work for everyone. 

Jeff Weber
EVP of People and Places