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Props to My Fellow Women


As a woman in the education technology industry, I find myself at an interesting intersection of workforces. As in most tech companies, when I’m working with our product teams, alongside developers and engineers, being female puts me in the minority. On the other hand, when I’m in the field talking to and working with our K–12 customers, I find myself surrounded by other women. That doesn’t come as much of a surprise since, historically speaking, education has been a female-dominated industry, while technology has been more heavily male.

But diversity is good. And working to create more diverse teams and environments has positive effects all around. Research shows that diverse teams are more creative and quicker to successfully problem solve and troubleshoot difficult challenges. More diverse teams could mean better products, quicker bug fixes, more feature updates. We all benefit from that!

So it’s exciting to see the tide slowly begin to change. Maybe it’s the emphasis on STEM education, or the national focus on gender disparity and the concerted effort to address it. Maybe parents are trying harder to raise their daughters to know they’re just as capable as their male counterparts. Surely it’s a combination of these and other factors, but we’re glad it’s happening.

And I’m glad to work for a company that not only has a great mission (to create software that makes people smarter), but also believes in empowering the diverse team that makes that mission a success. Even though Instructure’s workforce is currently on par with the gender ratios of other tech companies, that ratio is not good enough here. Just like we want to make better software, we want to make a better workplace for the people we employ, and we’re committed to recruiting and retaining the best and most diverse talent to get us there.

To my fellow women across the world, on this International Women’s Day and every other day of the year, whether you’re an educator or engineer, mother or manager, administrator or architect, or any combination of roles: You are bold. You are brilliant. You make a difference.

Keep Learning,
Kelly Dean
Product Marketing, Instructure