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Instructure: The World Tour

It recently occurred to us that if Instructure were a band, we’d almost have enough offices in enough places to justify a world tour. 

So, if we released our debut album today (Appetite for Disruption, maybe? or, License to Ill-uminate?), the back of our tour t-shirts would look something like this:


Salt Lake City (U.S. headquarters)

Debuted Mar. 2013

674 HQ Rock Stars*

London (Int’l headquarters)

Debuted Sep. 2015

29 British Invasion Rockers


Debuted May 2015

17 Blues Rockers


Debuted Aug. 2015

19 Oz Rockers


Debuted Mar. 2016

2 Grunge Rockers

Hong Kong

Debuted Jan. 2015

4 Cantopop Rockers


81 North American Home-Office Rockers

4 European Télétravailleur Rockers

São Paulo

Debuted Nov. 2015

6 Samba Rockers



*By rock stars / rockers, we mean the globally awesome (but not necessarily musically-inclined) employees who make Instructure go. These headcounts are accurate as of May 1, 2016, and since we're continuing to grow globally, don’t feel too bad for that grunge duo in Seattle; they’re getting some back up later this month.


Keep learning,
Jeff Weber