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Creating a More Diverse and Inclusive Workplace at Instructure

As we continue to grow fast at Instructure, with offices in Utah, Chicago, Seattle, London, Sydney, Hong Kong, and Brazil, we remain committed to keeping our focus on creating a diverse workplace where everyone has a voice and feels valued so we can keep making Instructure an awesome place to work.

We take this seriously. In fact, last year we opened up about what Instructure has done to actively work at welcoming more diverse backgrounds and ideas. This was a first for us, and for any organization headquartered in Utah. It gave us a chance to really see and share how we were doing as a company. And we committed to doing better. 

We are just as dedicated today as we were when we started our efforts last year and, while some of our initiatives will take a while to have an impact, we keep moving forward. So while our diversity stats haven’t changed dramatically in a single year, we are making progress in both creating a supportive and growth-oriented environment for everyone and in proactively recruiting qualified candidates with varying backgrounds and experiences.

Here’s what we’ve done throughout the last year:

-Attracting diverse candidates - revamped our recruiting practices, ensuring job postings use gender neutral language to attract more diverse candidates and reaching out to organizations that can help impact the diversity of our candidate pool.

-Expanding benefits - updated our health care coverage to be more inclusive of all employees, with benefits including gender reassignment surgery. We also continue to provide Employee Assistance Programs which include many resources and life-balance support.

-Equitable compensation - conducted salary equity reviews to ensure we’re fairly compensating our employees based on level and job.

-Maternity and paternity leave - doubled our maternity and paternity leave policy during the most recent open enrollment.

-Career ownership - developed a career development pathing tool to empower employees to drive their career progression.

-More employee training - launched new training programs that encourage team inclusion, and also incorporated unconscious bias training into our existing employee training.

-Mentorship programs - encouraged informal mentorship within the company (see below for what’s next here).

-Internal Study - consulted with the Seneca Council to get more insights into how we can better to attract, retain and support diverse employees.

-Community involvement - continued our strong partnerships with organizations that promote diversity in the workplace and build skills for the future workforce including Girls Go Digital and CodeChangers. We also took the ElevateHER Challenge from the Women’s Leadership Institute and the Parity Pledge, committing to do more to hire and develop female leaders.

-Openness on our progress - we’ve openly discussed our diversity and inclusion initiatives and we continue to talk openly with the community about our intent to make Instructure a great place to work for everyone.

We’ve taken a lot of the insight from this past year and continually strive to become a great, inclusive place to work. So what’s next?

Here are some things we're working on:

-Formalize our leave and flex time policies and communicate them clearly

-Specify our career development and promotion guidelines

-Rollout an informal mentoring program by end of the year

-Evaluate additional childcare reimbursement and other options for employees beyond the pre-tax child care account

By sharing these goals publicly, we’re living our culture of openness. We’re making a statement about the importance of diversity and its impact on our business. And over time, we will continue to build an environment that is truly more diverse, more inclusive, creative, and effective.

Keep learning,

Jeff Weber, SVP of People & Places

Becky Frost, Sr. Director of Communications

Instructure's Diversity & Inclusion Council

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