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Dr. Seuss and Instructure’s Volunteering Superstructure

Before the story of Harry Potter was told, Dr. Seuss gave us Mr. Potter (the T-crosser and I-dotter), Marvin, K. Mooney (the guy who won’t leave—until he wants to), and Little Cindy-Lou Who (the two-year-old with the heart of gold). And that’s where our story of big hearts, volunteerism, and literacy starts.

Instructure Dr. Seuss Reading Day

On March 2, thirty of Instructure’s own Hunches in Bunches (some Odd, some Spookish, some from the Sales department) teamed up with United Way of Salt Lake City to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s 112th birthday, or National Read Across America Day. They spent the morning at South Kearns Elementary School in Kearns, Utah, reading stories to kindergartners and 1st graders about a cat in a hat, an elephant named Horton, and those famously-unlikable green eggs and ham.

One of our volunteers, Instructure Market Development Representative, Jon Bass, explained why he wanted to participate: “Some of my fondest memories from grade school are of people who took time out of their busy lives to visit our school just to read to us. It was always fun to learn something new from someone new, and to get a fresh face in the classroom. I wanted to give these kids the same experience I had.”

Instructure employees will take part in numerous service-related activities throughout the year. 

Keep learning,
Jenni Stokes
Social Media Manager, Instructure