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Canvas, Bridge, and Practice Join the G-Cloud 10 Digital Framework

I’m really excited to say that Instructure’s native cloud solutions Canvas, Bridge, and Practice have all been approved by the Crown Commercial Service to join the G-Cloud 10 Digital Framework, within the Cloud Software category.

The G-Cloud 10 Digital Framework came into being earlier this year and specifically approves true native cloud services. Public sector organisations can now procure native cloud solutions quickly and easily knowing that services like Canvas, Bridge and Practice have met rigorous requirements of the Government's digital marketplace.

G-Cloud has also already been through the OJEU process therefore buyers don't have to, making procuring solutions faster and easier for public sector organisations.

G-Cloud 10 approval represents an important milestone for Instructure, and it’s key to our continued focus on developing partnerships in the UK public sector. We have many customers in the private sector ranging from schools to universities and corporations. In these sectors, digital transformation in learning and development has driven customers to make investments to enable them to deliver great learning and development experiences to students and employees – enabling them to compete globally.

Digitization is a key driving force for investment in the public sector too, and with the Government’s cloud first policy for IT procurement, G-Cloud now enables quick decision making to deliver best in class services to UK citizens.

Suppliers to the G-Cloud 10 Digital marketplace are required not only to demonstrate capabilities in software such as: 

-how secure their services are

-how much their services cost

-where they store their data

-whether their services are based on open standards

Suppliers also need to demonstrate that they are a true partner to customers, so implementation, training and support have all been assessed too.

Essentially G-Cloud 10 suppliers take full responsibility for the work that they do – giving public sector organisations full transparency into what they are buying from whom, which is key to this sector when spending public money.

You can read more about G Cloud 10 here and get in touch here.


Keep learning,

Jeremy Carter
Director of Sales, EMEA, Bridge