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2014 Instructure Year in Review

Some really big things happened in 2014. No, really. Things so big they increased the size of the known universe (or rather, increased our knowledge of the known universe.)

Cat in Space
So here’s the highlight reel. First, the Kepler telescope identified more than 700 new planets. Then, the European Space Agency landed the first spacecraft on a comet. For the grand finale, NASA’s Curiosity rover discovered organic matter on Mars. All brought to you by technology and a bunch of smart people who just want to keep learning.

Meanwhile, here on Earth, some really big things were happening with technology, learning, and a bunch of smart people at Instructure, too. 

Cue the highlight reel.

  • 600 new Canvas customers (we now have over 1,200)

  • 16 million people use Canvas as their LMS

  • Opened international offices in London & Sydney

  • 270 new Instructure employees (we now have over 500)

  • 35 new third-party providers

  • 99.98% uptime for the year

  • 94% customer support satisfaction

  • Offered 165 open online courses through Canvas Network

We also launched some big new initiatives:

Yeah, these are all big things, but the end result will be even bigger. As we launch 2015, Instructure will keep building technology to help teachers and institutions save time, save money, and save energy, so they can put more focus on engaging students who’ll go on to do even more big things.

Keep learning,