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Build Your Digital Learning Environment

Students are our future, and Canvas is theirs. From their very first backpack to the tassel on their graduation cap, Canvas paves the way for student success through personalized learning and support for the people who teach them.

Our cloud-based learning management platform is marvelously easy to use and awesomely reliable. With seamless mobile access and intuitive functions, Canvas is the best software for increasing student engagement.

What’s more, it saves educators valuable time by making their jobs easier. Canvas is capable of automating or simplifying many remedial tasks and improving communication across the board. With Canvas, educators will have access to timely support and a Canvas Community filled with helpful and innovative educators.

Aim higher with Canvas and set the new standard for student success. Learn more about our platform for students and educators today.

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Build Effective Leaders

A thriving, successful workplace requires continual employee development. Now more than ever, it is crucial that employers provide their teams with modern workforce technology. This is where Bridge comes in: the most comprehensive employee development platform for companies that deeply value their people. 

Bridge makes continuous development possible with an employee-centric experience and manager tools geared toward leadership development training and employee engagement. Our employee development platform will help you build a team of competent, confident employees who have all they need to be successful—and when your people succeed, so does your company.

Take your company further with Bridge, the best employee development platform for lifelong learning and growth.

Technologies for lifelong learning

At one point or another, too many people choose to stop learning. Instructure addresses this problem with software and services that promote the importance of lifelong learning. Our learning platforms provide users with intuitive, flexible technologies that evolve with the behavioral trends and technology of the modern world. Our software is built to be collaborative, so no matter who is learning or what the material is, you can connect with teachers, students, businesses, employees, and managers alike (and that’s just the short list). Whether you’re using our products in the classroom or the workplace, you’ll find that our mobile-friendly learning platforms are effective and easy to use. But we don’t stop there.

With our employee-centric talent experience and management tools for leadership development training, we help businesses improve employee development and engagement. Educators can craft learning ecosystems that fit their classrooms and accelerates their learning initiatives. Students, educators, employees, and managers have the tools they need to reap the benefits of lifelong learning. No matter what stage of life you’re in, we can help you foster a strong community of student success or employee development.

The learning doesn’t stop

Your learning and success are the reasons our Instructure team comes to work each day. Our team of 1,200+ people believes that our platforms and software play a primary role in the “About Us” of Instructure.

Whether you are currently using Canvas or Bridge on your lifelong learning journey—or advocating for your educational institution or workplace to start using our products, find out more about what drives us (because learning is fun). 

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