Canvas is designed to help you, as a teacher, transform learning. How?

It's a one-stop shop.

Canvas K-12 has it all. It bundles assessments, grading, state standards, messaging, learning analytics, and more—while keeping everything simple, easy, and in one place. For example, the SpeedGrader tool simplifies grading by displaying everything in a single window.

It lets you use your time on what's most important.

Imagine using technology that made teaching easier—not harder. Canvas K-12 is designed for you, the teacher. Whether it’s simple course creation and management, seamless calendaring, or routine grading, you’ll notice a remarkable difference in your productivity and workflow. In the end, Canvas K-12 is designed to help you get back to doing what you do best.

It helps you stay in touch.

The way we communicate is changing rapidly with the rise of texting, social networks, and real-time online chat. Canvas K-12 makes sure you can communicate with students, parents, other teachers, and administrators using familiar methods and tools. No need to become friends on a social network or learn complex new systems—just select the way you want to communicate and start a conversation.

It gives you insight into your students' needs.

Canvas K-12 learning analytics pinpoints concepts students aren’t grasping, which assignments they’ve missed, and who needs extra help. Consider it a proactive early warning system that zeroes in on individual student problem areas for early intervention. Comparable statistics are available for students, classes, and schools—or across schools.