You're a critical and valuable support in your child's success. Canvas is designed to help make your job easier. How?

It gives you insight through parent co-enrollment.

You’re co-enrolled in Canvas K-12 with your student automatically. That means you can view grades, upcoming assignments and due dates, missing work, and teacher communication. Teachers can send individual, group, and course-wide messages to students and parents and your students can also communicate safely with teachers and each other.

It gives your student (and you) anytime, anywhere access.

Canvas K-12 can be accessed anytime on any browser-enabled device from anywhere—at school, on the bus, or at home. Students can create content in Canvas K-12 and collaborate effectively with peers and teachers. Studies show that online collaboration tools help boost student engagement while reducing disciplinary actions and dropout rates.

It's as easy as browsing the web.

Canvas is simple yet powerful and can accommodate novice and experienced users alike. The intuitive interface makes the experience feel familiar because many elements are patterned after successful interfaces we all use on the web today.

It's accessible to everyone.

Canvas received “Gold” certification from the National Federation of the Blind faster than any other learning management system. Canvas also complies with the W3C's Web Accessibility Initiative Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WAI WCAG) 2.0 AA and Section 508 guidelines.