State Standards
Let Canvas help you make every step of the state standards process easier, from achieving to measuring to reporting.

Parent Co-enrollment
Connect parents to students’ courses automatically—giving them the insight to help their students be successful.

Ease of Use
A familiar, intuitive interface means most users already have the skills they need to navigate, learn and use Canvas.

Mobile Access
Engage students in learning anytime, anywhere and support 1:1 and other technology initiatives both in and outside the classroom.

Use the Web tools you want. Integration with third-party tools is easy using Canvas’ open API, LTI, RSS or other integration methods.

Grading is a breeze and takes half the time. With SpeedGrader for iPad, even grading on-the-go is easy.

Users can easily access and insert audio, video, text, images and more at every learning contact point.

Selective Release
Defines course, curriculum and certification paths, including pre-test and post-test assessment tracks.

Student View
Teachers can preview assignments and other course elements as students see them.

Canvas integrates with assistive technologies and complies with accessibility standards.

Hands-free Updates
Get the latest security patches, fixes and third-party compatibility updates in real time with no effort.

Multiple support packages help tailor support costs to institutional needs.

Canvas comes with a 99.9% guaranteed uptime Service Level Agreement.